Phone: 0-7-4664 4074
67 Sunday Plains Road Mt. Colliery
Warwick QLD 4370

Arborlee is a rainforest retreat high in the Border Ranges of South East Queensland
Arborlee offers a unique Bed and Breakfast / self contained holiday.

Arborlee - A Nature Refuge

Arborlee is set in 42 ha of rainforest wilderness adjoining similar rainforest around most boundaries.
     The area has extensive biodiversity and is now protected into the future under a Nature Refuge Conservation Agreement.
It is ideal for those who want a quiet time enjoying nature.

Sleep in comfort in this setting in our two person self contained unit.

Under 3 hours from Brisbane. 40 minutes east of Warwick.

Tariffs: $95.00 per night mid week and $120.00 on Saturday nights
or one night bookings during the weekend.

Reduced weekly rates apply.

See more details on our bookings page.

Facebook page: facebook.com/arborlee.rainforest

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